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Monday, July 22 2003

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Onto a new line from ToyBiz, which is a spin-off from the Marvel Legends line: Classic Hulk, kicking off our coverage with Smart Hulk...

Ok, I hope I get all these figures the right way round, as I only have a layman's superhero knowledge (NOTE: I DID get it wrong!). As yes, this IS filed under Hulk Movie, because the category will change into a more general Hulk Category.

I have to say I love these figures, and something I really didn't realise until Nomad told me is that these figures are a lot bigger than they look. We have comparison figures coming up, but I would say you're looking at 8-9" tall figures, not the 6" for Legends.

Now you might complain this is out of scale, but actually it's the perfect scale for going with Legends.

Classic Hulk Series 1 is due out at the end of the year and will consist of:

Whilst I didn't like the Hulk Movie Toys, these I think are very nice, and I've already decided I will be picking them up.

Click here for all 16 images of the Smart Hulk.

We continue our look at the new upcoming Classic Hulk line with a look at the Savage Hulk figure on display at Diamond's Booth...

For me, Savage Hulk seems like a way for ToyBiz to redo the standard Hulk figure, and whilst I've passed on a lot of the Hulk Movie toys... I think I'll be picking this one up.

Click here for all 14 images of the Savage Hulk!

Another cool figure from the upcoming Classic Hulk line from ToyBiz that is on display at Diamond's booth at San Diego - Joe Fixit...

Click here for all 13 images of Joe Fixit!

We take a look at the final upcoming Classic Hulk figure on display at Diamond's booth at this year's San Diego Comic Con: Abomination....

When I think of Abomination, I always think of the Dynamic Forces Bust, but I have to say I really love the look of this figure. The head sculpt alone wins it for me.

Click here for all 16 images of the Abomination.

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