691 Hulk Movie Posters?

Wednesday, July 23 2003

Posted on USAToday

The following was originally posted on USAToday:

One of this summer's most anticipated film's was The Hulk. While some critics have panned the Universal Pictures film as forgettable, the movie poster for The Hulk certainly isn't: an angry, green creature mostly hidden by his own enormous hand.

The Hulk opened strong at $62 million, only to plummet 70% in its second weekend. Seiniger insists he did his job. "All we're responsible for is the first Friday's business," he says. "After that it's all word of mouth."

Guess how many individual Hulk posters Seiniger and his agency crew created before helping Universal select that one. A couple dozen? Or, perhaps, 100? Maybe even 200?

Try 691. That's right, 691 individual posters that showed everything from the now-famous giant-green-hand poster to hundreds of other posters that showed the green behemoth in all his glory.

For Seiniger, the choice was a no-brainer.

"Steven Spielberg advised me years ago that you make it more intriguing by not showing too much," says Seiniger, whose agency spent a year creating The Hulk posters. "Let them pay to see the real thing."

What Seiniger was paid for The Hulk work: a cool $500,000.

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