Brian Bendis Talks About the Hulk
Sunday, July 24, 2005

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And finally, the end is in sight.

When we offered the floor to Brian bendis to fill in for Joe Quesada on Joe Fridays, a weekly Q&A session the Editor in Chief of Marvel Comics holds with Newsarama, we weren’t sure what he would say. Rather than shutting the idea down, Bendis took on all questioners, and answered every question that was posed.


You seem to have a very grounded and realistic approach to writing MARVEL heroes. It seems that you take the marvelous characters and come up with roles for them to play that seem to be the most logical. Well, recently I was reading some stuff online and people were wondering how come the HULK is not playing the kind of role in the MARVEL universe that he used to play in the '80s? This got me to thinking if Brian Bendis did a HULK-centric story, it would probably be an examination of the role he plays in the universe kinda like Mark Millar did in the ULTIMATES. For instance, Tony Stark, Dr. Strange, Professor X, Reed Richards, etc should be really nervous about the HULK. He's the strongest, most powerful monster on the planet. It seems logical that the top heroes would wanna do something about that instead of letting this walking WMD loose! People forget that in the 80s, the HULK scared the heroes poopless. Only heroes like THOR had a chance of standing up against him. Even if a person had superpowers, they'd be terrified to run into the HULK. Remember all the crossovers where the HULK would show up in some other heroes book and kick the crap out of them in their own book! Let's see more of that! I remember stories from back in the day, when the AVENGERS and the FANTASTIC FOUR would team up to try and take the HULK down. Let's have a team up between the AVENGERS, the FANTASTIC FOUR, and the X-MEN and the 3 teams all team up to try and take down the INCREDIBLE HULK!!! What a great fight that would be and only Brian Bendis can do that justice!

Well, wow, that was very nice, but talk about decompression :)

There are Hulk plans, not mine, but ones I know of that I think will blow your mind.

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