Eric Powell on the Goon and Everything Else
Tuesday, July 26, 2005

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NRAMA: Marvel recently announced that you’ll not only be writing and drawing a Devil Dinosaur one-shot for them, also in October, but that you’ll also be illustrating the covers for all four of their “Classic Marvel Monster” revival one-shots that month. What lead to this gig – and, honestly, was it you or them that decided to add the Hulk to the Devil Dinosaur book?

EP: I think marvel editor Mark Paniccia just wanted to see me draw more Hulk after the illustration I did for the Avengers Finale issue. Mark originally wanted to know if I'd be interested in a Hulk miniseries. I couldn't take that much time away from The Goon, but the Devil Dinosaur one shot I could fit in if I could get an inker. Fortunately I really lucked-out and they got Mark Farmer.

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