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Tuesday, August 26 2003

Posted on The R2 Project

Preorder the Hulk DVD now and pay only $17.54!

Thanks to Hulk fan Jacob for the link. The following was originally posted on The R2 Project:

2003-08-26 10:59:07

Just catching up after the Bank Holidays here, and what do we see at the BBFC for the end of last week, the first extras for Universal's release of "The Hulk".

"The Hulk - Deleted Scenes" 5m 40s
0:02:01:07 | Scene 29 Nanomed With Betty's Dream Elfman Score
00:01:21:20 | Scene 59 Phone Call With Betty Leaves And Fianle Elfman Score
00:00:59:00 | Scene 21 Teenage Bruce
00:00:22:03 | Scene 153 Willie Brown
00:00:20:12 | Scene 41 Lou
00:00:35:02 | Scene 78 Betty's House

"The Hulk - Superhero Revealed: Anatomy Of The Hulk" 6m 48s

"Hulk - Sci-Fi Channel - Hulk: The Lowdown" 45m 55s

"The Hulk - The Incredible Ang Lee" 14m 27s

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And as a recap, here is the previous info on the forthcoming Hulk DVD from DVDAnswers:

Title: The Hulk
Starring: Eric Bana
Released: 28th October 2003
SRP: $26.98

Further Details
Universal Home Video have now released the official details on the region one release of The Hulk starring Eric Bana. As expected the disc will be available to own from the 28th October this year and will arrive in seperate 1.85:1 anamorphic widescreen and fullscreen editions. Both of these will retail at around $26.98 each. We'll bring you the official artwork as soon as it arrives. You can also take a look at menu shots from the disc by refering to the related article below. For now though here are the full specs:

Disc One

Disc Two

Preorder the Hulk DVD now and pay only $17.54!

Region 1 Cover Artwork

Region 2 Cover Artwork

Preorder the Hulk DVD now and pay only $17.54!

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