Missing Dialog In Hulk: Destruction Issue 2
Saturday, August 27, 2005

The following was originally posted on PeterDavid.net:

Missing dialogue in issue #2 of Abomination limited series

I haven't seen copies of the second issue of the Abomination limited series, but from what I'm hearing, an entire page worth of dialogue was dropped out for no discernible reason.

Basically there's an entire page of fight scene between the Abomination and the Hulk, and there's no dialogue. No caption. No nothing. The major problem is that there's now no segue between the dialogue as it ends on the previous page and as it starts on the following page. So...here's the missing dialogue, along with the page description so you can see how it flows:

PANEL A: The Abomination barely manages to roll out of the way as the Hulk crashes down where he’d just been.

CAPTION 1: “I’ll tell you this, Blonsky. Say what you will about the Hulk…and over the years, I’ve said plenty.…

PANEL B: The Abomination, now on his feet, manages to fling his arms wide and shatter the girder that was wrapped around his arms.

CAPTION 2: “He may be many things: The world’s most destructive force, a walking A-Bomb, a tragic figure…

CAPTION 3: “…the whipping boy of the gods…

CAPTION 4: “…whatever.

CAPTION 5: “But you know what he’s not?”

PANEL C: The Abomination throws chunks of debris at the Hulk, who brings up his arms to shield his face from the barrage.

CAPTION 6: “He’s not a hypocrite. He doesn't’t change his tune or try to present himself as anything other than he is…

CAPTION 7: “A frustrated beast who just wants to be left alone.”

And the dialogue on the next page continues, with Blonsky, saying, "And yet you don't," to which Ross concedes, "And yet we don't."

That's how it's supposed to read. I've no explanation for why the dialogue isn't there.


Son of Wolfman has kindly inserted the missing dialog into the image below and posted the great work on comicboards.com:

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