Hulk: Gray Preview

Friday, August 29 2003

The latest issue of Wizard Magazine has an interesting look at October's Hulk: Gray. Click on the thumbnails below for the 8 page preview.

Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale rip into the Hulk’s gray matter and explore his early gamma bomb days


Some call him a monster. Others claim he can smash lives with the wave of his hand. But to writer Jeph Loeb, General Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross is just focused. "Thunderbolt Ross is driven, but driven to an extreme that makes him as much of a monster as he thinks the Hulk is," explains Loeb. "It's always hardest to see what you are doing when you don't see yourself."

Come September, the celebrated team of Jeph Loeb and artist Tim Sale (Spider-Man: Blue) will explore the relationship between Ross and the Hulk in Marvel's six-issue Hulk: Gray mini-series. As the battle between general and monster rages, the lines of right and wrong will become blurred, or gray. "The Hulk holds his power in his fists; the General has an army at his disposal," says Loeb. "The big difference is that the Hulk doesn't know what he's doing - he can't be held accountable anymore than a child can. The General, however, is theoretically in charge of his own senses and decisions. It'll be up to the readers to decide which is scarier."

The Loeb and Sale mini-series takes place in the early days of the Hulk, right after the gamma bomb accident, when the tone of the goliath's skin was a drab gray. "This is the time period of the very first Hulk series that was six issues long and then cancelled," says Loeb. "We get to look back at that time and what it felt like for Bruce Banner to have his entire life suddenly turn upside down."

All this chaos will bring plenty of action and property damage, but don't expect any appearances from Hulk villains like the Leader or Absorbing Man. "The series will not have a 'super-villain' so to speak," notes Loeb. "Although there is a major surprise that will be coming in the middle of it-an untold tale of Marvel history that's a pure knockdown, drag-out slam-fest!"

Loeb and Sale's previous partnerships have spotlighted heroes in the early days of their career, like of Hornhead in Daredevil Yellow or Peter Parker in Spider-Man: Blue. Hulk: Gray, though, is unique.

"It's different in that our hero is a monster," says Loeb. "Banner doesn't want to be the Hulk, and the Hulk doesn't understand that he is Banner. So the dynamic is completely different."

Want a new take on the Hulk's early years? How about an inside look at thebirth of a Marvel legend? Go ahead already and check out this incredible eight page preview.

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