Official Petition for a Region 1(US/Canada) Hulk DVD Box Set

Tuesday, September 16 2003

It looks like Region's 2, 3 and 4 will be getting a limited edition Hulk DVD box set, but not us folks in Region 1 (US/Canada).

While there is not a region 1 box set in the works now, a possible re-release is not out of the question. I have been in contact with the Universal and am working with them to try and see if there is interest for a Region 1 Hulk DVD Box set. If we could complie a list with thousands of Hulk fans saying yes to a box set, than one would be made.

But that is what we need, a list of thousands. So I've set up an e-mail address especially for this at

I want to try and get at least 3,000 different names and e-mail addresses in support of a Hulk Box set. I will then forward the list of collected names to Universal.

All I need is your name and e-mail address and that you would purchase a Region 1 release of a Hulk DVD Box set, that's it. Please send this info to

Let's show Universal that we support the release of a Region 1 Hulk Box set!


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Check out the fan trailer here.


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