Peter David: Ongoing Hulk Writer Kinda Sorta
Wednesday, Septwmber 22, 2004

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And six years after he wrote his final Hulk issue (#467), he's back. At his webblog, Peter David has announced that he's the new hulk writer starting with issue #77, which will be the first installment of the previously announced six issue miniseries, Tempest Fugit. David wrote:

Although this has been announced at various conventions, I haven't stated it here, and word hasn't apparently filtered through to the on-line community. So I figure I'll clarify matters, especially since I see folks on Newsarama wondering if "Tempest Fugit" is going to be a $3.50 per issue price point similar to the current Hulk/Thing limited series.

Bottom line is this: The combination of the positive fan response to the "Hulk" limited series by Lee Weeks and me, and the fact that Bruce Jones is now exclusive with DC, prompted Marvel to say, "Why the heck are we doing this as a limited series instead of as part of the ongoing?" So rather than it being issues 1-6 of "Tempest Fugit," the Hulk series will simply start up again in January after a four month hiatus and my storyline will be issues 77 through 82 of the regular book. Which means that, to all intents and purposes, I'm back writing the Hulk.

Whether I'll stay beyond that hinges on a few things. First, I want to make sure that I'm comfortable back writing the Hulk. So I've really only committed to six issues Then again, I initially only committed to six issues of "Young Justice," so it's not unprecedented for me to stay around.

Second, of course, is fan and retailer response, and third is whether Marvel wants to keep me around on the series. But naturally those two aspects are inextricably bound. If the retailer and fan support is there, that will send Marvel one message. If it's not, that sends them another. And they will act accordingly, and I wouldn't blame them.

So ultimately what it comes down to is, I'm back on "Hulk."

Whether I stay or not is up to a variety of factors, not the least of which is you guys.

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