Monthly Hulk 2 Update
Friday, October 1, 2004

What's going on with the Hulk 2?  Well, below are links to the latest news to keep you up to date:

Connelly Contractually Committed to Hulk 2
Wednesday, September 22, 2004
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In an article at USA Today on the "Wimbledon" premiere, a rep for Jennifer Connelly talked about her involvement with The Hulk 2...

Although Connelly, in a deep-blue Chloe dress, wasn't talking in deference to her husband, a rep for the actress said she's contractually committed to Hulk 2.

Why No One Want to Make Hulk 2?
Monday, July 19, 2004
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by the Hulk

X2 come out last year. Spider-Man 2 come out last month. Both great sequels to great movies about Hulk friends. Hulk love great action movies about friends! People buy tickets. Make money for theaters, make money for movie company. Movie company make more movies with money. Already, they working on X-Men 3. Hulk movie come out last year. It success. It big popcorn movie with heart. So why no one want make Hulk 2? It make Hulk mad!

Hulk know what people say. Original movie no good, people say. Hulk movie Hulk-sized bomb, people say. That not true! Hulk more successful than people think. Make $132 million in U.S. alone, only cost $120 million. That not small potatoes. Add international box-office receipts and DVD sales and it add up to big money. Big! Oh, and did Hulk forget merchandising tie-ins? First Hulk movie really forge Hulk brand identity. Make people aware of Hulk. Hulk now poised to build on success of first Hulk movie. Hulk 2 smash box-office records!

First Hulk movie flawed but underrated. Oscar-winner Jennifer Connelly give sublime performance as Hulk romantic interest Betty Ross. She pretty. Australian hunk Eric Bana good in breakthrough American role as puny human Bruce Banner. Film even give tip of hat to TV Hulk and Stan "The Man" Lee. Sure, conflict with father stray from original story, but it provide new twist on classic legend. Necessary to increase dramatic tension. Make Hulk seem more human so audience can identify with puny human Banner.

Why no one appreciate daring vision of Ang Lee? Aaargh! Ang Lee genius! Maybe panels on screen gimmicky, but him try something new. When last time you try something new?! Ang Lee willing to work in unfamiliar genres. Him brave like Hulk. Hulk wish for him to work on Hulk 2, if he willing, but Hulk understand if he not want to. Ang Lee like Hulk: He not stay in one place for too long. Him working on gay western right now. That prove Hulk's point. If him not do it, maybe Darren Aronofsky or David Gordon Green. Someone with unique vision that not so stuck on action clichés. First studio exec to suggest Joel Schumacher get smashed!

Hulk 2 give chance to increase merchandising profile, as well. Hulk have ideas for new Hulk products. Hulk Foam Hands surprise hit in toy stores. Hulk Foam Hands big and soft and make Hulk smashing noises when you hit things. If Hulk Hands big hit, Hulk Feet even bigger hit! Make smashing and stomping noises. Imagine puny human child walking around with Hulk Feet! Make big noise like Hulk. Imagine... ho, ho, ho... excuse Hulk, Hulk laughing. That funny! But Hulk not just limit branding to toys. Make Hulk Shampoo and Hulk Shampoo For Kids, in special no-tears formula. It sound like bad idea, but it good idea! You squirt it right in eye, and it not make you mad! Hulk very concerned with hygiene and comfort. Know how hard it is to make puny human child take bath. Hulk Shampoo make bath-time fun!

Many unanswered questions from last Hulk movie. What happen to puny human Banner in rainforest? Is there cure for Hulk? Will General Thaddeus E. "Thunderbolt" Ross leave Hulk alone? Is there future with Betty Ross? Where villains that make comic so great, like Abomination, Wendigo, and Leader? Hulk hate Leader and Leader's big head. What happen to Grey Hulk? And where Hulk's friend Rick Jones? He only one that understand Hulk. Rick? Rick!? Raaaaahhhh! Sometimes Hulk so sad and alone.

Back to Hulk movie. Hulk visualize Hulk trilogy like Matrix, but no spiritual mumbo-jumbo. Crazy mumbo-jumbo make Hulk's head hurt! Hulk work out treatment for next movie Hulkself. It have everything in Hulk, only more intense. In this movie, Hulk smash for first 20 minutes. Give fanboys something to hang fanboy hats on. Then have romance, for women ages 24 to 40. Very important demographic if want make movie real summer blockbuster.

Then Leader come, bring Abomination. Him try to wreck everything by capturing Hulk. Then Hulk smash more! Hulk smash Leader and Abomination! Hulk smash tanks, too! That nod to first film. Hulk love scene where Hulk throw tank into horizon. At end of movie, cliffhanger. Put people on edge of seats. Like Hulk say, always leave puny humans wanting more.

Hulk working on pitch right now. Hope to take lunch with Hulk movie screenwriter James Schamus. Him really get what Hulk all about. Also, him open doors in Hollywood. Hope him will share story-by credit with Hulk. Hulk paint in broad strokes. Not good with words. Leave detail work to Schamus.

If you producer, Hulk want know why you sitting around? Does producer hate make money? Hulk need someone line up investors now. Need maybe $100 million. Less than original. Kinks worked out by now. Software engines all designed. Want start filming in New Zealand by December. It summer there when winter here. It much cheaper to film in New Zealand. Hulk budget-conscious. If all go according to plan, Hulk 2 hit theaters by summer 2006. Perfect summer movie!

If that not enough, Hulk write great tag lines. "No make Hulk 2 angry!" Maybe "This time it personal." Or "Green machine back in theaters summer 2006." Maybe teaser poster with Hulk fist punching out of poster. Puny humans see that and they duck! It real attention-grabber. If you still not convinced, Hulk not waste more time with you. Maybe New Line interested. They flush with Lord Of Rings money. Looking for new franchise? Call Hulk when you ready to talk serious.

Avi Arad on Hulk 2
Monday, June 28 2004

The following was originally posted on The Seattle Times:

Marvel Studios CEO on "Spider-Man 2," other films
By Mark Rahner
Seattle Times staff reporter

If the '60s were the "Marvel Age" of comics, this is the Marvel Age of movies. We exchanged some word balloons with the man behind it all about "Spider-Man 2" and the spate of coming films based on some of Marvel's most revered characters, Marvel Studios Chairman and CEO Avi Arad.

Q: Let's talk about coming Marvel movies. In the "Hulk" sequel, will the green guy at least say "Hulk smash!" this time?

Of course. I think at the end of the first movie you see this commitment: "You wouldn't like me when I'm angry."

And he's coming to terms with who he is. "I've got this curse and I'm going to use it when I need to protect innocent people." And I think in [the sequel] you'll see a man who understands his problem, is trying to solve it, coming to terms with the Bruce side of it, still trying to reject the Hulk, finding a way to reject it, and there are consequences to that, of course. And who knows? Green turns to gray and all hell breaks out.

For the rest of the article, click here. Thanks to Hulk fan Jeff for the heads up.

Bana on Hulk 2
Tuesday, May 11 2004

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Saw Eric Bana on "Friday night with Jonathan Ross" in UK.

I happened to be channel-hoppin` on Friday night and flicked over to jonathan ross. (well known film/comic enthusiast come talkshow host in the UK) He had bana on to plug Troy, but I knew with mr Ross being a keen comics fan he was gonna get round to the question we all want to know the answer to: Is there gonna be a Hulk 2? Bana joked that they were gonna go straight on to Hulk 3 instead. then he said that no one had got in touch with him about a Hulk sequel. He talked about how proud he was of being involved with the Hulk film and how expectations were set too high in terms of box office takings. He said that because Spiderman made so much money, everybody expected hulk to make the same, which was a bit of a stretch for any film. He said people expected it to make something like $500,000 billion, and because it only took in $200,000 billion (obviously he was exaggerating here) it was a let down to some. He seemed genuinely pissed off at that attitude. I got the feeling he would be more than happy to do a sequel, just that no-one has said anything yet.
They showed a clip of Him fighting with brad pitt in Troy, which looked really cool. I just wish we had a bit of official word on a Hulk sequel, though.

Bana on Hulk 2
Monday, May 3 2004

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"Last year we were following each other around the place with 'X-Men 2' and 'The Hulk,' and some years ago the first 'X-Men' came out in Australia the same weekend at 'Chopper' was released and now 'Van Helsing' is what? -- a week away from 'Troy,' so I think we need to get together and sort out our calendar for next year."

Bana, who says that he doesn't have definite plans on what he's doing next, although a few projects are in the works, also pleads ignorant to plans for a sequel to Ang Lee's "The Hulk," which made Universal approximately $242 million in world-wide box office receipts (not including DVD/VHS sales). In early April, producers Gale Anne Hurd and Avi Arad said they were working on a sequel to the film.

"He won't be this tortured person, it will pick up at the end of the first movie," Arad told "He's come to terms with his life and who he is and we can let him be the Hulk hero now."

However, the project may be on the backburner given that Bana says they haven't talked to him to repirse the role, even though he is under contract to play Bruce Banner again if Universal does move forward with the project.

For the complete article, click here

More on Hulk 2
Friday, April 9 2004

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There will be a Hulk 2.Producers Gale Anne Hurd and Avi Arad both confirmed, with Hurd saying, “Right now we are meeting with writers to discuss the sequel. I think the key thing is come up with the right story.”

Arad commented on the sequel’s tone.

“It’s going to be Hulk-lite,” Arad said. “It’ll be the end of movie one, the beginning of movie two. Now he’s come to terms with his life and who he is and we can let him be now Hulk the hero. Movie one seemed to have been tough on some people, but some of us think it is one of the more courageous depictions of a comic book character.”

And from

"Yes, we're working on a 'Hulk' sequel" -- producer Gale Anne Hurd is reporting from the marvel camp that a sequel to last summers moderately successful Ang Lee Hulk adaption. While the 'geek' community seems to be split on whether the green wonder deserves a sequel or not, the fact remains that at a cost of $135 million to make, the film went on to bank well over that even before it left the theaters. I'm not quite sure why the film didn't connect stronger with audiences. I liked the film upon first viewing and have grown to love it on DVD as the only true comic book film to focus on an origin story without muddling up the works with an overbearing villain. I also love Ang's art-house interpretation of a character which you wouldn't expect in an art-house type film.

Zap2It claims that "Critics and fans alike overwhelmingly hated The Hulk...", but I don't see it. The film has seen nothing but love from this site, earning a solid theatrical and DVD review from two of the FilmRot crew, as well as a 60% approval meter on Rotten Tomatoes. The Hulk wasn't "critically panned" in my opinion, this is critically panned.

Still, the producers of the film are running like scared puppies with claims of a kinder, more gentle experience in part two, even labeling the planned outing as "Hulk-lite" (can't wait to see if they have the balls to call it that on the poster tag-line). When asked about the Hulk's future, Avi Arid stated:

"He won't be this tortured person, it will pick up at the end of the first movie. He's come to terms with his life and who he is and we can let him be the Hulk hero now."

Naturally, those of us that enjoyed the first film will have what we liked ripped out of the franchise and what will be left is another safe, generic comic-book actioner - sure to sell twice as many toys as the first.

Avi Arad on Hulk 2

The following was originally posted on Comics Continuum:

With four films being released this year, Marvel Studios announced plans for five movies in 2005 on Tuesday morning during its fourth quarter webcast.

Projects in the pipeline for 2005 include Fantastic Four, a possible July releease from Fox currently out to directors; Elektra, from Fox, starring Jennifer Garner and targeted to begin production in May, with Rob Bowman in talks to direct; Iron Man, from New Line, out to directors, written by Miles Millar and Alfred Gough, with Tom Cruise expressing interest; Ghost Rider, from Sony, with Mark Steven Johnson writing and directing; and Luke Cage, written by Ben Ramsey, with John Singleton in talks to direct.

Other films in development, according to Marvel, are X-Men 3, The Hulk 2, The Punisher 2, Namor, Iron Fist, Black Widow and Deathlok.

Marvel's next film is The Punisher, which reaches theaters on April 16. Marvel's Avi Arad said that television spots for the film should begin next week.

Spider-Man 2 is next on July 2, followed by Blade: Trinity on Aug. 12 and Man-Thing in October.

Arad said a third Spider-Man film is targeted for a 2007 release, and that the Hulk sequel will be lighter in tone.

And from this month's Wizard 150:

Marvel Studios is currently planning a more-action-packed and Hulk-centric sequel to Ang Lee's "Hulk." According to Arad, the current plan is to produce a film that shows off more action of the Hulk.  "We had a long meeting with a writer and Universal [Pictures] last week," says Arad.  "He's a very good writer and he's very interested.  We're just starting our journey on 'Hulk 2'.  The marching orders for the film are to show Banner and the Hulk to be the heroes they should be.  The origin is behind us.  We got over the tough stuff.  Now we want to see what's happening to Banner.  Obviously he knows he can't hide forever, and maybe he doesn't want to hide.  The operaive words are to have fun with the Hulk.

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