Ang Lee Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

Friday, October 4 2002

The following was sent in by our friend Ibad Khan:

I was watching the IFP/Gotham Awards on BRAVO yesterday (at 4:30PM EST) and the show was dedicated to NYC filmmakers. Ang Lee was going to be give a Lifetime Achievment award. The showed a beautiful montage of clips from all his films like Ice Storm, Ride With the Devil, and of course, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. What surprised me however was the very last clip on this montage reel. It was the HULK teaser that we've all become accustomed to! Ang Lee got on stage with a huge smile on his face and had this to say about the HULK:

"I guarantee this will be the biggest independent movie ever made."

That got quite a few laughs outta the audience. This is good news for us because I believe Ang's commenting on the film's huge budget and scope while at the same time he feels that he has the freedom a director only has on an independent feature.

By the way, BRAVO will reair this special on Sunday, October 6th at 12PM.

Thanks for the info!

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