CGI Hulk Details UPDATED

Sunday, October 5 2002

If you read this earlier today, be aware that this is most likely fake. 'Sean' sent me this follow-up e-mail:

Hi again I've been able to confirm the rumar I've had to sign a contract saying I woulden't reveal anymore info or charges will be filed but I have seen the picture of what ol' greenie will look like mainly, he will make everyone happy and I mean everyone he is out of this world and he looks like my cousin said! and he's a little hairy but it makes him a little more scary and like a monster.I did find out one spoiler though...well that's all I was able to give away even though I'm bound to secrecy about the other stuff that got leaked to me......

I apologize for posting the following rumor earlier. It now seems obvious that it all came from an over active imagination. This guy is not involved with the film, so he would not be forced to sign a non disclosure agreement, let alone e-mail me back with more news. The whole cousin's boyfriend should have tipped me off, but I guess I was anxious to hear some news. Other than what's been said by Josh Lucas lately, there has been no new info on the Hulk. Soon hopefully.


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Check out the fan trailer here.


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