Bana Set to Return for Potential Hulk Sequel
Thursday, October 7, 2004

The following was originally posted on Movie Hole:

Talking to Australia's Filmink Magazine - about the DVD release of "Troy" - Eric Bana debunked claims that he won't be back to reprise his role as Bruce Banner in a "Hulk" sequel.

Various reports over the last twelve months suggested that the stand-up comic turned Hollywood it-boy had walked away from the role, with producers now in search of another lad to fill the torn shorts. But Bana tells the mag that he's "seriously consdering" a second shot at playing The Hulk, with the studio keen for a sequel.

Bana also - again - laughed at rumours that he's in the running to play 007. He's simply not interested, he tells.

The sequel, which Jennifer Connelly will also return for, could give us our first glimpse of the Grey Hulk apparently, and include villains The Leader and The Abomination.

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