Hulk Sequels to be More Fun

Monday, October 13 2003

Posted on Comics Continuum

The following was originally posted on Comics Continuum:

Gale Anne Hurd, producer of The Hulk movie, said plans are moving forward for the sequel.

"We're all really proud of the film we made," Hurd said Sunday in Tampa, Fla., on the set of The Punisher, which she is also producing. "It was an origin story. And I think now that we've got the origin, I think we can have a lot more fun with the sequels."

The Hulk had the biggest weekend opening ever for a June release, but couldn't shake negative buzz and slipped quickly down the box-office charts. The buzz started early with a Super Bowl spot and then when an uncompleted version of he film hit the Internet.

"The company that prepared that, we never saw the final product," Hurd said of the Super Bowl spot. "We never saw the color, we never saw the final shots. I think what we learned is that the filmmakers always need to be involved in any imagery that is released. The people who prepared the TV spot decided the color, decided on the speed, and it was not representative of the film.

"When it was uploaded to the Internet, I think that was the biggest problem. Because people started reviewing images that were, in some instances, were six months from completion of a CGI effect. Then it gets picked up. Someone puts its on the Internet, then suddenly it's in USA Today, the L.A. Times and the New York Times. Then all of a sudden people have decided, there's something wrong with the CGI.

"I think there are shots of The Hulk where you can completely suspend disbelief. The emoting power of the character is amazing. But unfortunately, audience members, when they went in to see the film, thought they were seeing something based on a review of CGI images long before they were meant to be seen."

Hurd said she had "no apologies" for the final effects. "I think ILM did a tremendous job," she said.

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