New Info on David Banner and Hulk Dogs

Thursday, October 24 2002

This weeks Wizard Magazine, issue #135 December 2002, has an excellent 6 page article on the Hulk movie. There is so much new information that I 'm not going to transcribe it all here and instead will suggest getting yourself a copy now, it's only $4.95.

I will post the most interesting things that I took away from the article, however:

In this dream sequence, Banner returns to his boyhood home in the Arizona dessert, now in complete shambles, and is soon confronted by demons from his past-namely his father, who will be played by Nick Nolte. Dream sequences and surrealism play a big part in "Hulk" and Universal even hints that pesky "Hulk Dog" rumor might actually take place in one such dream sequence.

"We have an extraordinary challenge because we have a director who's not going to let one moment go by that doesn't seem like you're actually watching a beast," explains Josh Lucas.

"This has obviously gone beyond my wildest dreams," says Bana. "Sam Elliot, Nick Nolte, Jennifer Connelly, Ang Lee-could you be surrounded by better people? It's great being the weakest link."

So maybe the appearance of the Hulk dogs and Absorbing dad will take place in a dream sequence. Also, the article mentions that Bana is 6'4"!!! And I thought all those Hollywood types were supposed to be short. Maybe this is why the Hulk will be around 10' tall? A 7' Hulk would not look that menacing if Banner is 6'4".

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Check out the fan trailer here.


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