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Sunday, November 10, 2002

Posted on Super Hero Hype

Super Hero Hype has got great info and pics from a Hulk scene shot earlier this summer. The following was originally posted on Super Hero Hype:

Next, we turn to scooper 'HulkStar2003' who has just unleashed a ton of set pictures into our mail box which he took earlier in the year. The Hulk production was shooting on several sets in Yermo, California - including an ice cream parlor, two gas stations and a drive-in theater. He has provided us with before & after pictures of the sets as they were being built and a few pics of Sam Elliot's trailer and a scene with a helicopter that was taped there.

The production filmed for 3 days on location and he's given us a description of what was shot as well. You can access the pictures directly HERE and HERE, and the following details are spoilers for those who would rather not know specifics...

Film Location: Yermo, CA, I-15 and Calico Blvd.
Filming Date: May 18 - May 31, 2002
Set Construction Began: April 2002
Scene: Route 66 Cafe, Ice Cream Parlor, and Drive-In
Time: Circa 1973, 2003

First shoot: 1973 - was of patrons at gas station and parlor eating ice cream. Explosion of gas station, destruction of parlor

Second Shoot: 2003 - Army soldiers, led by Gen. Ross, show up

Pic #1: Gas/ Drive-in in background. The forward building was used as a set workshop. In back, is a multicolored drive-in theater.

Pic #2: Early Parlor: Early construction of Ice Cream Parlor. They poured a concrete slab, built a nice parlor, destroyed it, and then removed it from location within a month!

Pic #3: Drive-In: Other side of drive-in theater. During filming, military dune buggys and other vehicles emerged from the drive-in (rumor- I wasn't there that day, but I did observe the vehicles).

Thanks to Super Hero Hype for the great news. Click here to go to the original article.

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