Hulk 2 Game Update
Friday, November 12, 2004

The following was originally posted on The Pulse:

THE PULSE: What other projects are you working on?

HITCH: I keep my toes in the waters of the advertising world now and again. I designed the characters for Universal's new Hulk game which was a hoot, knocked out a few trading cards for the new Upper Deck Marvel Knights set and continue to act as a design consultant on the BBC's new Doctor Who show. All of which has kept me fresh and excited and done wonders for my productivity. Some very interesting stuff coming up soon as Mark and I plan our simply huge Marvel Universe follow up to Ultimates. We've had early chats about some creator owned material we'd like to find a home for; I've also had some very early talks with the just sickeningly talented Joss Whedon about Something Wonderful and if I'm able to maintain this schedule on Ultimates then I would like next year to do a contained run on Hulk. I would love to give that book the sort of visceral and big scale visuals a character like that needs. Stay Tuned!

For those that don't know, Bryan Hitch is the artist for Marvel's The Ultimates.  Get the whole interview here.

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