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Tuesday, November 18 2003

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Hulk Classics

Manufacturer: ToyBiz ( 2003)

Finally the real Hulk figures have arrived! This is the real deal comic based HULK, not some re-invented CG Shrek look-a-like from the movie. Thanks to TOY BIZ for not giving up the toy line despite its previous lackluster quality movie based figures which are currently still peg warmers despite its 50% sale price.

Series one consists of 4 incredible and amazing figures namely: Savage Hulk , Smart Hulk, Joe Fixit and the traditional enemy, The Abomination. Boasting an average of 40 points of articulation, these figures are very detailed and very poseable. Now on to the review:

Joe Fixit

Being the smallest of the series, you would think that this little guy would be average. On the contrary, what he lacks in height he makes up for in detail. Just like his counterparts, he has 40 points of movement, he has the ball jointed hips of the Smart Hulk, and he comes with a trench coat made from shiny fabric (like the ones used for umbrellas), a hat like the ML trench coat Thing which is made from rubber and fits perfectly on his head, and a nicely crafted tommy gun. Yet another superb figure.

***** 5/5

The Savage Hulk

The original Savage Hulk which was previously shown at Toy exhibits has been re-sized. Where before, he stood out like a huge truck, he is now as the same size as that of his Marvel Legends counterpart. ( It would have been great if they didn't re-size him though ).

As I said he has more than 40 points of articulation, he has the new shoulder joint similar to the new Spidey Classic Daredevil where he can hyper extend his arms and expand his rib cage. Just like the Marvel Legends Beast, he has opposable thumbs and articulated fingers. His hip joints are also the same with Beast which work great for a figure of his size and weight. He also has the double jointed knees and the articulated toe joints.

The paint quality is just the same with the Marvel Legends, not bad, but still not at par with the likes of McFarlane. Toy Biz has definitely redeemed themselves with this new version.

***** 5/5

The Smart Hulk

Standing about 7 ½ inches , he is the tallest of the series. He comes with as much articulation as the Savage Hulk. Smart Hulk differs in articulation at the hips. His hips are the new ball jointed hips much like the new Marvel Legends Gambit and The new Spiderman Classics Daredevil.

He comes with some sort of laser gun which makes a sound when you press the button on its side. The gun fits perfectly on Smart Hulks left hang peg hole.

Another accessory is his glasses, which compliment his overall look. Be careful by the way with the glasses because they are very thin and might snap off if you play with it too much. Another great figure and a must have for any Hulk Fan.

***** 5/5


Finally we come to the complementary Enemy of the series. The Abomination. Being one of my favorite enemies of the Hulk, I had high expectations for this figure. With the usual 40+ points of articulation, the Abomination is sculpted perfectly, his skin detail is just awesome.

The only thing that doesn't work for me is the action feature. He has a button behind his back that when pressed, is supposed to bring down his arms together in a smashing motion, sadly this doesn't work and ends up like he's flexing his muscles.

He comes with a breakable rocket accessory that is supposed to collapse when you get his action feature to work right. Being the first Enemy of the series, Abomination is an excellent figure nonetheless.

****1/2 (4 ½ )

The first series in the HULK Classics line is simply amazing. At an great price of $6.00 ( or about 350 Philippine pesos) the sheer size and excellent quality of these figures are already well worth the value for your money. So I suggest you get the whole lot ( If you can get your hands on the 1 per case Abomination that is ) once it hits your local toy stores.

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