Hulk: What Went Wrong?
Thursday, December 1, 2005

The following originally appeared in the January 2006 issue of the UK Empire movie magazine and comes to us by way of Hulk fan John:

Hulk: What Went Wrong?
The creative team take a look back...

ANG LEE (director): "I was thrilled to make that movie -like any movie I get to make - and I got a lot out of making it. But the mixed reaction shook my nerve a lot. I tried to bend the genre and took on the industry, really, because it was such a big budget. But ultimately I indulged myself. I was exploring a lot of things, cinematically and psychologically."

JAMES SCHAMUS (producer):
"Ang and I went back into the great catalogue of Universal horror and back to the early pages of Stan Lee to really get the inspiration from there."

LEE: "I don't think I ever intended to provide a summer blockbuster or an action movie that people would expect to see. And some people wanted to see another Crouching Tiger, whereas I was thinking about a psychodrama, a horror film, really."

SCHAMUS: "At the same time there was this avalanche after Spider-Man, which came along after we started production, and suddenly here was this new genre: the Marvel brand. That hit us sideways when we were in the middle of the movie. By the time we came out, audience expectation was clearly moving in that way, and we'd done this dark, brooding Universal movie instead. Everybody scaled up expectations."

LEE: "I don't really judge my movies by how successful they are; I'm happy when I get to do them. But in this case I suppose I got what I was wishing for. I provoked anger. That part of the experience was very negative. It hurt a lot."

SCHAMUS: "It's kind of funny because Hulk has become this 'bad object' in the psychoanalytic sense. That makes me much more interested in it. I think it's a very unstable text, but it was a very profitable film and probably the cheapest tent-pole made in Hollywood in years. From a business point of view it was very successful. I mean, just the 'Hulk hands' (spin-off toy) alone made a quarter of a billion dollars..."

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