PAD on Hulk (rumor control)
Tuesday, December 7, 2004

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Me On the Hulk (rumor control)

So a writer who shall go nameless (because, y'know, why afford him or her the publicity) announced on a radio program that my run on HULK will absolutely end after the current six issues to make way for a "new creative team."

I've spoken with Tom Brevoort because this was news to me. Tom had previously been contacted by other netfolks and had been judicious in his answers because it was news to him as well and he wanted to do just what I was doing: Check with his higher ups to see if it was true.

Long story short: Absolutely nothing has changed from what I told you months ago. I'm on the series for six issues. We're going to see what the numbers are like. We're going to see how all parties feel about my staying on board after that.

I can tell you this: Both Marvel and I are looking for a clear signal from the fans. If the numbers are there, that's one signal. If they're not, that's another. So in large measure, it remains up to you.


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