Marvel Legends Series 9 Images
Wednesday, January 5, 2005

The following was sent to us by Hulk Fan Neil:

Hi i don't know if you managed to get pictures of the next marvel legends series, featuring a Gray Hulk and Greenskin as a variant i thought id send you a picture of the next range. There more of them at Merry Hulkmas!!!

And from

Toy Biz: Marvel Legends 9 Revealed
Posted by: adrian on Dec 18, 2004 - 02:49 AM
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OK, I'm running hours late, but I've been working on a big post, and then I got told that Marvel Legends 9 images had been released in the UK...

So there was me thinking it would be a very relaxing Friday, when along came this email from Andy Marchant

On the back of a british comic book called Avengers United, which collects 3 Avengers comics in one, is a photo of the series. I dont have a scanner, but if you can find the book you can see for yourself.

I says each figure comes with a comic or poster and comes with a bit of Galactus, and it also says that to make Galactus you "collect all 7" so I guess the varients dont have exclusive bits and bobs...

Theres a Photo of Galactus next to the others and he looks BIG, but a little awkward... as if he's VERY concious of being the tallest guy in the room

Hulk has a big old flat head for his first appearance look... but in my opinion doesnt look as good as the first series one...

Deathlok looks good and has a little gun.

Nightcrawler's sneering like he's just smelt something bad and all 3 fingers on both hands look articulated

Dr Strange you have seen of course

Bullseye looks kinda scarey and dirty... and his alternate head has a hellraiser type grimace

War machine is firing all his guns and so comes with an "exploding discharge" look for his weapons, which is not as gross as it sounds...

and Professor X looks surprisingly articulate for someone who isnt very articulate. He's in a funky wheelchait, but not that awful gold space age thing from the 90s...

So off I dashed to the Newsagent to find that Andy hadn't been lying. It's an official ToyBiz ad, and I can confirm that the magazine they were in was an officially licensed Marvel Comic reprint.

Now the next dilema was whether we could post the ad. We actually took some legal counsel on this. We've been advised that we can, due to certain provisions of copyright law and the DCMA. We've also made ToyBiz aware that we had the image and our intentions.

Anyways, enough on the complexities of international copyright law....check out that Galactus! I personally thought he would be rotocast, but a closer look shows what looks like Elbow joints. Doesn't look rotocast to me. Sweet!

The other figures look pretty cool as well, not too keen on Hulk or how tall Prof X appears but I'll save final judgement until I see them in person.

Anyways, shame ToyBiz are revealing a lot on Marvel Legends early. Let's hope there's still some surprises left for ToyFair.

Thanks for the head up Neil!

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