Hulk Movie Toys Now at Target

Thursday, January 9 2003

The following comes to us from Steve:

Hey Guys,

Just an update, you can now find the HULK Movie figures at Target!!  I was at the local Target Friday night and the had all of it except the Rage Cage!!  They had the three six inch figures, the motorized HULK on tank and rock, Battle Action HULK, 13"roto figure and the gloves!!  Plus I was able to pick up the Thing Marvel Legends figure there also!!  I got the 13" roto and it is a dam good figure!!  Great detail, especially on the mouth!!

This is in Central Florida....


Steven D. Sims

And from Charles:


I thought I would follow up on the new toys I have found at Target today. A whole new line of toys out now. I have found a 13" Hulk poseable, some bump and go toys and Hulk smashing hands. I was so excited when I have seen them that I thought u would like to know about them!!



Thanks for the updates guys!

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Check out the fan trailer here.


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