New Info on CGI Hulk

Thursday, January 9 2003

I recently uncovered some dirt on the CGI Hulk while surfing the web. From FX artist Kevin Yagher's Resume:

Designed and created life-like head and shoulder busts of Hulk character for computer scanning purposes

Universal Pictures
DIR: Ang Lee

From Kevin's Biography:

For over sixteen years Kevin Yagher Productions Inc. (KYPI) has been a forerunner in providing high-end special make-up effects for the entertainment industry. The creative force behind the company, Kevin Yagher, started the business in 1985, when the art of special make-up effects was still in its adolescent stage. Beginning with such characters as Freddy Krueger in "A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 2" and Chucky in the "CHILD'S PLAY" films, Kevin established himself as one of the top make-up effects artists by developing and creating life-like creatures, aliens and humans with meticulous detail.

For more information on Kevin Yagher, visit his website at

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