New Info on the Hulk Super Bowl Trailer

Thursday, January 9 2003

The following comes to us from a trusted friend:

I got my hands on the Hulk Movie Poster and the NEW trailer which was originally supposed to air with the new Lord of the Rings movie which is awesome. Obviously they aren't showing his face in the poster because you will see bits and pieces of the beast during the Superbowl via commercials for Mountain Dew. The trailer is two and a half min's long and is off the charts!!! Hulk fans will not be disappointed. The special effects, lighting and movement of the Hulk blows the mind away.

Hulking out,

Mr. Blue

Wow!! So not only we Hulk fans be treated to Universal's Hulk trailer, but also to spots from Mountain Dew!! January 26th could not come any sooner!! Stay glued to those sets!!

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Check out the fan trailer here.


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