Mychael Danna to Score The Hulk.

Thursday, February 7 2002

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We received this report today from 'Murdoch', a CA reader who tells us there's set construction happening right now in San Francisco for the movie. And on top of that, Murdoch sent us a scoop about who will compose the musical score for The Hulk film!

"Hi all,

"I was over at the Berkely Constitution earlier on today, in San Fransisco, hoping to get some set reports and photographs of the sets they are going to be using for The Hulk. Everything was fairly basic, apart from the size of the place. Unluckily for me, at this point, everything is pretty much restricted,so I am not going to bullshit you guys and makes stuff up. However there are a large number of flyers with The Hulk logo on. Quite different from the ones normally seen, I understand that they could be proto-types, but the way I would describe them is that they are very much like the logo's used for Superman the Movie, only modern and more metallic.

"Anyhow, onto the point. The place has been crawling with journalists and Hulk fans, as well as a large number of extras trying to get the gig as an extra in the movie. We were told by a security guard that that someone would come and speak to us. I am not a journalist,and dont represent any specific company, I was just there for the fun of it, being a lfe long Hulk fanatic. After a couple of minutes someone came to speak to the waiting journalists and fans. It was David Womark, Asscociate Producer on the Hulk, and he answered questions for about 12 minutes.

"Womark was very polite and quite humorous throughout, allthough some people were asking alot of pretty basic questions. 'Who is directing?', 'Who is Playing Banner?', 'Will Lou Ferigno be playing The Hulk?'. Womark answered all the questions apart from the overly technical ones and ones about the script, saying : 'Alot of what we are doing here can't be discussed yet, as we haven't even started filming, and alot of you will just have to wait untill the movie comes out to get answers to your more difficult questions.' He confirmed the casting of Nick Nolte and Sam Elliott, and dropped another bomb shell. One reporter asked about the John Williams connection. Womark replied 'Sadly, John Williams won't be free to work on The Hulk, because of other engagements, I mean this guy works 24/7 on movie scores. But Ang Lee has found a talented composer called Mychael Danna, who has worked with Ang before, and we have listened to his work and are well satisfied that he can do a good job. So the answer to your question is John Williams won't be composing The Hulk, Mychael Danna will.'

"And that was it. Womark left as did the journalists. Sorry I didn't get any pics, but I will be over there again in the next couple of weeks so stay tuned."

[Report turned in by 'Murdoch'.]

A quick look at the IMDb listing for Mychael Danna reveals an impressive list of credentials. Danna composed the music for such films as Hearts in Atlantis, Girl, Interrupted, 8MM and two of Ang Lee's films, Ride With the Devil and The Ice Storm.

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