Connelly's son is No. 1 Blessing

Thursday, March 14 2002

Posted on A Tribute to Jennifer Connelly and the AP


LOS ANGELES (AP) - A little boy tops Jennifer Connelly's list of thank-yous if she wins the Oscar for "A Beautiful Mind." Connelly is thinking of thanking her four-year-old son Kai. She says it would be "the greatest thing" to be able to say something to her son on Oscar night.


Connelly was inspired by Lauryn Hill, who sang a song about her son. Connelly says she thought "what a beautiful thing for a mother to do." It all stems from her profound love for her son. "I love my son so much ... and I thought, God, that would be the greatest thing to just sort of say something to my son in a public arena like that."


Her son has taken an interest in the TV superhero, the Hulk. "We went on the Internet and got some pictures of the Hulk so he's starting to get kind of excited about it," Connelly said. "He didn't know anything about the Hulk because that's more about my generation and little bit older. I used watch the show as a kid on my little tiny black-and white TV."

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