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Thursday, April 4 2002

Posted on A Tribute to Jennifer Connelly


Here are a few interesting excerpts from a February 22 interview in The Age: ...


But enough about all that. Let's talk Hulk.


Bana is reportedly getting $1 million for the role in what will be Universal's biggest production of the next 12 months.


So, is The Incredible Hulk going to be any good, or will it just be one of those intensely marketed, hollow films that makes a lot of money?


"I'd like to think you'd know me better, Jim! But I will say this. When I found, sourced and signed my LA agent, who's a man I have a lot of time for, I told him there were projects that I don't do. They were comic books, romantic comedies and sitcoms - for the time being, anyway.


"He rang me up and said, 'They're making The Incredible Hulk', and I went (pause) 'Riiight'. Then he said, 'Before you say anything else, it's being directed by Ang Lee'. My next question was, 'Have we got any chance?'. If it was just a very ordinary director who'd been given a very extraordinary opportunity, I probably wouldn't have jumped at it.


"I jumped. The Incredible Hulk was the only project in the last 12 months that I said to my agent, 'If you can get this for me, I will do it'. And I swear to God - I swear to God - that is the case. I can't tell you how many things have been offered or how many scripts I've read. When Ang Lee's directing, James Schamus (Ride with the Devil) is writing, you know that combination is going to bring something no one else could have brought to it."


Been measured for the doll yet? He smiles. "I've been through the special-effects wringer already. We've done some things, but I can't tell you what."


A $100-million blockbuster film riding on the shoulders of a relative unknown. Does he feel the fear?


"Shit, yeah. Yeah. There's always fear. There's been fear in every single career decision I've made. If there's no fear, I'm making the wrong decisions, because if there's comfort there's no risk, and if there's no risk, where's the performance? You take risks when you're doing stand-up, you take risks when you're doing sketch comedy, you then take risks when you move into drama. ..." .

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