Schamus Involved in Hulk Sequel?

Monday, April 15 2002

Posted on Coming Attractions

Yesterday's edition of the Guardian newspaper in Britain carried an article on The Hulk movie. Interviewed was producer/screenwriter James Schamus who had a few lines to say about the casting of Eric Bana in the movie's leading role. What Schamus said also confirmed an earlier rumor about a propective Dr. Banner: "We looked at lots of actors we liked for the role of Banner, like Paul McGann, Clive Owen and Steve Buscemi, but we liked Eric's persoanlity and charisma, and he brings an extra dimension to the character that we couldn't have found in other actors, as when you see the movie you will agree."

Schamus also discussed what his next project was shaping up to be. "I defenitley want to work with Ang again, and I would say that the feeling is mutual. We have been partners for a long time. As for other projects, well the Hulk is just over a year away, so in Hollywood terms that is an eternity. We have optioned a book, a drama for New Line Cinema, and I am in the very early stages of writing a screenplay for a Santa Claus project for Univeral pictures, which Ang would direct. But I won't seriously start scripting that until about, coincidentally, Christmas. Dreamworks are involved with the movie too. It will be spectacular, like the Hulk will be. I suppose, a Santa Claus: The Movie for this generation. So as well as writing The Hulk, I am involved with a sequel and research into the Santa Claus character."

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