Nolte Also a "Hulk"?

Tuesday, April 16 2002

Posted on Coming Attractions

The following was posted on Coming Attractions:

We all know now that Nick Nolte is playing Bruce Banner's father in the Hulk movie -- but what might be news that Bruce wasn't the first Hulk! Possible SPOILER information follows:

Our latest scooper read the casting breakdowns of some of the Hulk characters, and when they read the description of Nolte's part, their eyes did a double-take. Our scooper says that Nolte's character is Dr. David Banner, and that the elder doctor "was also a 'Hulk' along with Bruce." That would add a whole new element into the movie origins of the Hulk character not found in the comic book incarnation.

This information has not been confirmed yet, so hang on until we can get a bead and see if there's going to be two Hulks in the picture.

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Check out the fan trailer here.


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