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Monday, April 22 2002

Posted on Ain't It Cool News

The following was posted by Perplectica on the Ain't It Cool News talk back section. It contains Spoilers about the movie.

Well, I'm in a position to write more details about the Hulk shooting schedule in my possession. The plot isn't spelled out linearly, but I'll do what I can.



Overall there are a lot of atmospheric creepy shots -- however much it departs from cannon, it feels Ang -Lee like -- psychologically intense, kind of muted. But that's just my inference from the scattered bits. AI'll try to summarize a bunch of it: It's scheduled to shoot from now until mid July, in L.A. (soundstages) Bay Area, Wendover Utah, and Sequoia National Park. A little bit on Berkeley campus and in San Francisco. There's a scene where adult Bruce Banner is captured and Betty and her dad watch him for an extended period of time. At some point the Absorbing Man explodes in a final conflict on Bass lake near the Sequoias. There is a major military assault on the Hulk in San Francisco as he emerges from the sewer. Hulk escapes from the military compound only to be stopped by "super foam." David Banner keeps the "Hulk Dogs" as pets and they attack Jennifer Conelly and Bruce Banner. Bruce Banner researches "nanomeds" that eventually cure him (may be wrong here, but that's what it seems like from the summaries.) Lots of creepy stuff in flashback with David Banner doing evil experiments with radiation on animals and being disciplined for abusing ethical guidelines. Fetal Bruce displays unusual "hardening" Possibly David Banner mutated during experiment gone awry that Bruce witnesses, may kill mother, definitely wounds her. Scene where while parents argue, child Bruce has fantasy that his dolls morph into monsters. Also scene where trees morph into the dolls. Company called Atheon Labs is a villain that buys out Bruce Banner's lab. Hulk hitches rude on X-15? Hulk leaps over helicopters, battles a tank, is carried into the stratosphere by F-22s. Army napalms a desert community. Actually it seems like army nukes Absorbing Man, causing him to explode and possibly killing hulk. Hulk also swims through drains in sewer.

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