Hulk Teaser Trailer to Premeire with Spider-Man

Wednesday, April 24 2002

Posted on Coming Attractions

The following was posted on Coming Attractions:

Next month Universal Pictures will include a teaser trailer for Hulk with every print of Spider-Man. Audience members will get a chance to have their first impression of Eric Bana's tortured scientist as the actor narrates the trailer.

And thanks to a friend who works with gamma radiation, we've got a description of what you'll see in the approximately one-minute long trailer!

The trailer begins outside a typical residential house. The camera moves inside and we see Bruce Banner (Eric Bana), viewed from behind, looking into a bathroom sink mirror. Bana's voice narrates the scene saying he's frightened, not of what he's becoming, but that he's begining to enjoy it. At that point the camera dives in to a close-up of his eyes, which are changing to green. Suddenly we see his home explode from the inside.

The trailer will ship with all prints of Spider-Man but it will be up to the discretion of the theater managers as to whether or not to attach the Hulk teaser trailer with Spider-Man or another movie. However, our source expects most multiplexes to attach at least one copy to a print of Spider-Man.

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Check out the fan trailer here.


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