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Friday, April 26 2002


I was able to catch the quick segment on TechTv last night (Channel 354 on DirectTv) and below are a few details from the segment.


There wasn't much new material on the segment, although they did show one scene with Jennifer Connelly as Betty Ross walking into a building. The show began with images of Lou Ferrigno as the Hulk, and then they showed some video from the set and from the recent press conference. Most of what Ang Lee and Eric Bana talked about can be found in the recent press conference links posted on the News page.


Gale Ann Hurd spoke for a bit, and then, being a tech show, they talked about how the Hulk would be a CGI creation. The whole deal lasted less than five minutes. The coolest part, for me anyway, was when they talked about the popularity of the Hulk. They started talking about how a ton of fan sites had sprung up, and then they showed a few screen shots from Prominently featured were the Index page and the Keown Hulk from the image gallery.


It was a fun segment to watch at the end they mentioned that a 30 second Hulk trailer was going to be attached to Spiderman, although most reports seem to indicate that the trailer will be one minute in length.




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Check out the fan trailer here.


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