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Wednesday, May 1 2002

Posted on Comics2Film

When Comics2Film correspondent Kevin Leung attended last week's Hulk press conference, he was among the first to see the teaser trailer for the movie. The ad is set to run with Spider-Man in theaters this weekend.

Kevin provides this description of the reel:

"The trailer opens with a shot of a one story house and the camera approaches slowly. Inside the house the camera approaches Bruce Banner (Eric Bana) from behind. He's in a bathroom, dressed only in a towel (he's actually kind of muscular), leaning against a sink staring into the mirror.

"There's a voice over of Bana and he says something about being afraid, not of changing, but of enjoying the changes. He starts to get angry and the camera cuts to a close up of his eye. His pupil changes and then the skin around his eye saturates with green.

"The camera cuts to an external view of the home and there appears to be a pounding coming from inside. The wall facing the camera explodes and household materials (I think the sink, for one) come flying towards the camera, transitioning to the movie title and logo and the target release time."

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Check out the fan trailer here.


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