Hulk Teaser to be Attached to More Movies

Sunday, May 5 2002

More info from "David Banner":

The Hulk Teaser has been getting mega applause from cheaters around the nation. At The Edwards Theater In Irvine a sold out screening of Spider-Man, 8:30pm show had the largest applause for Hulk Teaser in a long time.

Theater managers across America are predicting that the HULK will be there BIGGEST most Anticipated movie ever yet!

The Hulk Teaser will be added to all summer blockbusters including "star Wars- Episode II, The Sum Of All Fears, Minority Report, and Men In Black II.

For the first time in movie history "The Hulk" is the first movie to ever have a teaser trailer made 14 months before the movie is even released.

David Banner

Thanks David. I was at a sold out Spider-Man screening in Burbank where the Hulk teaser was met with enthusiastic applause as well. Universal is doing a great job promoting the film, and it's still over a year away. With the amount of people who have seen Spider-Man this past weekend alone, awareness of The Hulk movie should be through the roof!! Terminator who?


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Check out the fan trailer here.


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