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Sunday, May 5 2002

Posted on Coming Attractions

The following was posted on Coming Attractions:

It appears filming on the Hulk movie is taking place on or around Vallejo Street for the next three days. Residents are being temporarily relocated while the production shoots near their homes.

So what does the Vallejo scene look like? Glad you asked! "Just came back from the Hulk set. They're done with the cable car scene and have moved up the hill. This location has a great view of the Transamerica building.

"Dozens of soldiers, snipers, police personnel and their respective equipment surround a gaping crater in the center of the street. The hole's about 12 ft in diameter and looks as if Hulk's torn through from below. Bana was there, wearing short pants and that's about it. Jennifer Connelly was on set too, but wasn't dressed for anything. Waiting for the right light to shoot the copters."

Copters? There are helicopters in this scene? "I saw the camera copter following a Huey-like military troop copter yesturday- circiling the Bay Bridge a few times," writes back 'Tony Stark', our scooper from a couple of days ago. "Is it a shot of the copter headed into the City? Or has our man Banner taken refuge on the Bay Bridge KONG-style? "They DID shut down the Bridge from 2-5 AM for two nights running... was it for road crew work or something else?"

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