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Monday, May 13 2002

Posted on Dark Horizons

The following was posted on Dark Horizons:

LightsOut has revealed a key action sequence recently shot in San Fransisco:

"In the sequence which shot for a week on Sansome Street and Vallejo, Hulk is underground in a sewer system. He is being pursued by a SWAT team as well as the Army led by Sam Elliott. As Hulk lumbers underground, he causes a huge fissure to open up in the street. The fissure causes a trolley (tram) car to nearly fall over spilling out kids and unsuspecting tourists. Hulk continues up the hill as the Army descends upon the unsuspecting neighborhood. The SWAT teams screech into position and take up a place among the Army, police and fire personnel. At the end of the scene, Hulk breaks out onto the street knocking over several cars, and is surrounded. Then a helicopter comes in carrying Betty - Hulk, seeing his lady love, is reduced to Banner and captured. Dun, dun dun!". Thanks to 'Brian'

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Check out the fan trailer here.


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