Shooting Update: Ang Lee at Work

Wednesday, June 12 2002


SPOILER!!!! Don't Read On If You Don't Want to Learn Plot Details!!!


A loyal Hulk fan, Ricardo Mena, Jr., who acted as an extra on the set details a play-by-play of what looks to be a great scene:


Action! The Hulk is underground tearing up the streets of San Francisco and he breaks through a manhole cover making fire hydrants pop up and putting a gapping hole in the street. He comes out all pissed off and of course the cops, swat and the national guard are called. The scene included about maybe 40 or so national guard and some 20 or so swat and cops. From the top of the hill come four hum-vees and two deuce and a two 2.5 ton trucks, all operated by stunt drivers. Let me tell you that stunt drivers are crazy because I was riding shot gun in the third humvee and we had troops in the back too. And when the signal to go came we were told to hold on tight because it was going to be fast and hard. We went down the hill screaming and when we got one look at this huge green hulk the drivers hit the breaks hard we went skidding side ways. That part of the scene took about 6 takes if you could believe it.


So Ang walks over to a car and starts saying to the Assistant Director "I want it to fall on the car with a big bang " he's saying this very excitedly. What he wanted was the hydrant to fall on this car. So we all take five and watch the Production Assistant take a 5lb sledge to the windshield. He putts the hammer down and takes a heavy wooden box to it and he is trying to impress us as we look on. And on the third blow he dislocates his damn shoulder right in front of Ang! It wasn't pretty.

The scene ends with us encountering a 15ft green hulk. And he slowly turns back into Dr. banner when he sees Betty. And we surround them both while they hug.


I wonder what the rest of the context surrounding this scene is, can't wait to find out! Thanks again to our True Believer friend in San Francisco.

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