Hulk Dogs Rumor False

Thursday, June 20 2002

A sharp-eyed fan has discovered that the Hulk Dogs rumor is bogus:

This is Savage Jay on the Hulk Message Board. I have this scoop for ya! PAD (Peter David) says the Hulk-Doog-bites-Banner is bogus.

Here's the article from

They say no news is good news... Well, there's some bad news floating around that Comics2Film has discovered is not news at all.

For weeks, Hulk anticipation has been marred by rumors of "Hulk dogs", the most recent of which claimed that Banner received the Hulk disease from the mutated dogs. However, a man close to Hulk history--and the movie--knows better. Peter David, who is set to write The Hulk movie novelization, approached the issue on's message boards. Although he is bound to a non-disclosure agreement, he believes it's safe to say that Hulk-dog-bites-Banner rumor is, simply put, "bogus."

"Savage Jay" Weingand

Here is PAD's reply to the question, originally appeared at and sent in by MartinJohn:


Sorry, man. Signed a non-disclosure agreement. Although I don't think there's a problem in saying that the rumor floating around that Banner becomes the Hulk as a result of being bitten by gamma-irradiated dogs is bogus. PAD

Thanks to Savage Jay and MartinJohn for pointing this out!

Wanna talk about this bit of news? Start a discussion over at the boards.

Check out the fan trailer here.


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