Eric Bana on Entertainment Weekly's IT List 2002

Monday, June 24 2002

Posted on Entertainment Weekly

The following was posted on on Entertainment Weekly:


AGE 33

WHY HIM? If you're a male actor right now, there are two express lanes to Hollywood superstardom. One is to play a superhero in some big-studio tights-a-palooza (see Tobey Maguire). The other is to hail from Down Under, armed with all the rugged good looks that continent implies (see Russell Crowe, Heath Ledger). In other words, this Melbourne native and soon-to-be star of ''The Hulk'' seems to have hit the exacta.

INFLUENCES ''Early on, it was Richard Pryor. I did stand-up for 10 years before acting. And the movie 'Mad Max.' It cemented in my mind that I wanted to be an actor.''

DREAM COLLABORATORS ''Christopher Guest and Michael McKean. I really admire their work ['This Is Spinal Tap,' 'Best in Show'].''

THE SUPERHERO'S HEROES Grand Prix motorcyclists. ''I don't have any heroes in the entertainment industry.''

BIGGEST RISK ''When I left a successful TV career in Australia [to play a serial killer] in 'Chopper.'''

ON IMPENDING SUPERSTARDOM ''The 'Spider-Man' thing was a bit like someone shoving me in the shoulder and saying 'Wake up.'''

NEXT Besides ''The Hulk'' (slipping into theaters in June 2003), a newborn second child with wife Rebecca.

Go to Entertainment Weekly for the whole story and a picture of Eric.

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