Shooting Update: Ang Lee at Work

Wednesday, June 5 2002


A loyal fan describes what it's like to work as an extra on the Hulk set, and also describes the beginning of a new stuntman career:


Okay lets see if I can explain this cool thing that happened to a buddy of mine. Well, we the extras, or what the first A.D./asst. director called us background artist, ha. The scene was on Treasure Island, it was a military base but now Hollywood rents out the its hangers. It is located in the bay between Oakland and San Francisco connected by the bay bridge. The seen was the mayor of the S.F., Willie Brown, was to have a few lines . It was at the main bldg near the entrance to the base were we were awaiting an attack from the hulk and us troops were to run into positions and emergency vehicles to be rushing by in the background at a high rate of speed.


There were three cop cars, two M. P. cars, and an ambulance and my buddy, Billy Ray, was instructed to lean against the fire truck dressed like a fireman but Ang went over to him and said "I don't want him leaning on the truck I want him to drive it". Well, what happened at the end of the scene was that my buddy drove that big truck like it was a car almost rolling it because the vehicles were just going in circles to make it look like they were a lot of vehicle going by in the shot along with soldiers on the sidewalk running by. Everyone was really impressed with his driving that the stunt coordinator came over to him and offered him a stunt contract starting at $650 a day it was like hitting the lottery for just being an extra!


Looks like more stars than just Eric Bana are being made in the filming of this movie. Thanks for the scoop and we wish Billy Chubbs a great career in stunts!

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Check out the fan trailer here.


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