The Hulk Gets Ready to Smash the Media

Wednesday, July 17 2002

Posted on Comics Continuum

The following was posted on on Comics Continuum:

Marvel's The Hulk is being developed for television in both live-action and animation, sources told The Continuum.

Like with its other movie franchises, Marvel is seeking to develop a television version of the Hulk. Work continues on a Spider-Man animated series for MTV, and X-Men: Evolution enters its third season on Kids' WB! this fall.

TV versions of Daredevil and Blade have also been speculated.

It's possible the Hulk could be on television in both live-action and animated formats. Unless the animated version goes to a pay cable station, it figures on being skewed toward a younger audience, similarly to X-Men: Evolution.

Most likely start for any Hulk TV shows would be fall 2003, following the June 20, 2003 release of the movie.

Production of director Ang Lee's The Hulk continues. The film, except for a trailer and an early press conference, has been closely guarded for the most part. But last weekend at Wizard World Chicago, Marvel editor-in-chief Joe Quesada said to expect a media blitz closer to the release date.

"The Hulk arguably could be the most popular Marvel super-hero because of that TV show years ago," Quesada said. "The word on the street is that Universal is going to try to saturate the media as much on Hulk as Sony did with Spider-Man."

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