Win a Bowen Designs Hulk Bust UPDATED!

Wednesday, July 17 2002

I've been getting so many cool fan created Hulk images sent to me that I thought they should be shared with everyone else. These images can be found in the Fan Submission area in the Contest section of the web site. Feel free to continue sending me your Hulk related images and they will posted here.

From the stuff I have already received, it's obvious that there are many talented people logging into the site. So I've decided that now would be a good time to sponsor a Teaser Poster Contest.

There still has not been an official poster released, so now would be a good time to create one. All entries will be posted on the site and there will be prizes awarded for the three best poster ideas.

Here are the Official Rules:

1. The contest runs through Midnight October 9th, 2002

2. Multiple entries may be submitted

3. Entries should be sent in .jpg format and be no larger than 400 x 600 pixels

4. Send entries to

5. By submitting an entry, you are allowing the entry to be displayed on

Since I'm the one putting up the prizes, I will be the sole judge of all the entries.

Speaking of prizes, here they are:

First Place Prize: Bowen Designs Mr. Fixit Bust

Second Place Prize: Toy Biz Marvel Legends Hulk

Third Place Prize: The Incredible Hulk: Return Of The Monster Trade Paperback

That's it, get to work! I have posted a sample poster of the correct dimensions below.

Wanna talk about this bit of news? Start a discussion over at the boards.

Check out the fan trailer here.


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