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Wednesday, July 17 2002

There has been a lot of rumors flying around about the Bruce's father being the Absorbing Man and his playing a role in the creation of the Hulk. Well, the fact is, according to the comics, Bruce's father did play a part in creating the Hulk.

For your reading enjoyment, I have scanned the pertinent contents of The Incredible Hulk 312 and the Incredible Hulk -1. Both issues center on Bruce's father and the role that he played in the creation of the Hulk.

Click here to go and read these issues.

Having already read those issues, you can see that Peter David (arguably the Hulk's best writer) took what Bill Mantlo had written before him and tweaked it a little in order to better suit his run on the Hulk. The two biggest changes are that in David's retelling of the story, General Ross has never met Bruce's father before (they had previously worked together in Los Alamos) and that Bruce kills his father. Hey wait, what was that? That's a pretty big departure from the original story. Writers will do that in comics sometimes. They take an already established story and re-interpret it as they see fit. And what about all of that stuff about the Gamma Bomb being a friendly weapon? He first introduced that idea in his What Savage Beast novel, and I didn't like it then either. But like I said, writers are always reinterpreting the stories which came before.

Although I would not have made Bruce's dad the Absorbing Man, it's not the worst thing in the world. To anyone that is familiar with the character, it's obvious that Bruce feared and loathed his father. You could argue that his father should be his arch nemesis. Problem with that is, (1)Bruce's father is only human, and (2) he's dead.

So let's say Bruce's dad isn't dead. (the way it was originally written in the comics) Let's further say that after the confrontation in the graveyard, he is so convinced that his son is a Monster, that he experiments on himself, (he used to work with Gen. Ross in Los Alamos) turning himself into an Absorbing Man. Once his suspicions prove correct and Bruce does turn himself into a monster, he resurfaces again and a huge battle ensues. Is that so unbelievable? It sounds plausible to me. Doesn't stray to far from the source material and it even sounds like something that could be introduced into the comics.

Now is this the way it'll go in the movie? I doubt it, but I don't know. And that's the point, no one outside of the production does know the plot of the movie, it's all just speculation at this point. But if I could figure out a plausible way to have David Banner be the Absorbing Man, then one must exist. Furthermore, James Schamus is a talented Academy Award Winning Writer. Any changes with the Hulk's origin that Schamus has made with his script is no different than what Peter David did with his run on the Hulk.

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