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Tuesday, July 23 2002

Posted on A Tribute to Jennifer Connelly

Mads sent me the following bit of news:

I figured you might find this tidbit of interest (it's about a press release from Intel, and ILM's employment of 600 Pentium 4 based systems for the development of 'The Hulk'):

Industrial Light & Magic (ILM), the company responsible for the visual effects in 'The Hulk', revealed today in an Intel press release that they'd deployed as many as 600 Intel Pentium 4 based animation workstations. These workstations are being employed in the development of 'The Hulk', 'Terminator 3' and 'Star Wars: Episode III', among others.


... The visual effects industry has traditionally been a land of proprietary systems and software," said Cliff Plumer, ILM's chief technology officer. "At ILM, we're increasingly using Intel-based systems to expand our range of software choices for animation and compositing. ... We can now run any operating system we want."

... Use of Intel technology is on a rapid rise in Hollywood because of the convergence of four key factors. First, the performance of Intel-based systems over the past two years has consistently surpassed that of proprietary systems, while system costs have come down. This has led to significant savings for studios. Next, major studios are increasingly outsourcing the rendering of digital effects to "render farms" ...

Thanks to Mads for the info!

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