Exclusive Pictures from the San Diego Comic-Con Part 2

Tuesday, August 6 2002

Here is the second part of our coverage from the Hulk preview that took place at the San Diego Comic-Con. The crowd of 4,300 was treated to 24 crystal clear production stills from the film. The images on this site are a bit grainy, but I believe that they are able to convey what those in attendance were shown. The images were expertly captured by my good friend "Deforest". Hulk fans everywhere owe him a debt of gratitude. That said, good luck getting me to pay for that window. Huh? You had to be there. Lets move on.

This was the first still we were treated to. As Ang put it "As you can see I am directing." Although difficult to make out from this photo, the set is the lab where the accident happens. And said that they are not doing a period piece (referring the fact that the Hulk was originally conceived in 1962) so all of the science used in the film is "high-tech" and based on the science available today. Ang did sate that they wanted to keep the gamma ray heritage of the creature intact, so this is a "Gamma Lab". The other guy in the picture is the cinematographer on the film, Fred Elmes. His previous collaborations with Ang Lee include The Ice Storm and Ride with the Devil. He has also worked with David Lynch as well. Ang said "The film has great art. The artistic value is pretty high standard although it is a highly entertaining movie."

This is another shot of the lab. The guy Ang is talking was described as the biggest guy in the racking effects industry. He was involved in all of the exploding lab special effects. They were discussing an upcoming shot in which all of the bottles and equipment would explode."So this is the scene where the first Hulk out happens" Ang said. "A lot of jars." Ang went on to explain that he was very happy with this particular scene. He explained the physical effects were filmed first and that the CGI Hulk was to be added later.

Here we have a shot of Eric Bana as Bruce Banner, Jennifer Connelly as Betty Ross, and Sam Elliot as Betty's father, General "Thunderblot" Ross. Ang explained that this scene takes place after the first Hulk out and that the General has stopped by in order to do some investigating. This means that the identity of the Hulk will not be immediately known to the world, which is in faithful to the Hulk's comic book roots. For those that don't know, Ross always suspected Banner of having a relationship with the Hulk, but never imagined that Banner and the Hulk were the same person.

Ang pointed out that there was a lot of food on the table. This was due to Bruce's increased metabolism, which would be necessary in order to facilitate his changes. Ang felt that small details like this would add a sense of realism to the film.

Ang described the color scheme of the room as being pulled directly from the early comic book era. He expressed his appreciation of comic books, referring to them as great examples of American art and an important part of art history. Hopefully, this statement should ease the minds of those that feel Ang is trying to make the Hulk "better" or that he feels that the comic book medium is an inferior one.

The guy to Ang's left is Dennis Muren, the visual effects supervisor on The Hulk. For those in dark, he was the one responsible for bringing the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park to life and pretty much everything else ILM has done before and since. There is no better FX guy than Dennis Muren. Ang explained how normally it is very difficult to get him on the set, since he does most of his work in post production. However, because just about every shot of The Hulk has an effect on it, Dennis has been on the set quite a bit. Ang said that Dennis was very excited about the project, and that kind of excitement was good for the film. "He's very enthusiastic, almost like kid. He's very excited. He kept saying 'We're the real deal, we're the real deal.'"

The other guy in the picture is the main animator for the Hulk. Ang said that the stage that the Hulk animation is in now is pretty incredible already, but that they have not yet brought the green goliath to life.

Once again, I apologize for having to cut the review short. Look for the next installment tomorrow morning. But check out this last scene. Ang said that Bruce saves a kid and then gets zapped, that's the catalyst for the creation of the Hulk. No "Hulk dog" bite, no hereditary genes from his father, but "he saves the kid's life and he gets zapped". Those were his exact words. And that kid is the guy to Ang's left. Is that Rick Jones?

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