Hulk Smashes Puny Helicopter

Friday, August 9 2002

Posted on Comics2Film

The following was posted on on Comics2Film:

Here's a quick round-up of smaller, juicy tidbits of information that Comics2Film heard (or overheard) at Comic-Con International into one article.

A Hollywood insider told us about a visit to ILM where he saw CGI test footage from the Hulk. Although he was watching a small image on a computer workstation, our source said the effects look incredible. He described a scene in which an immense Hulk (he grows larger as he gets angrier) lands on a helicopter and dismantles the rotor as the vehicle crashes.

Marvel released it's Q2 financial statements today, and also held a conference call for investors. Comics2Film listened in on the conference call and extracted a few interesting tidbits.

Also reported:

Marvel Studios CEO Avi Arad participated in the call and talked about the near-future movie and TV plans for the company.

Arad announced that principal photography on Hulk wrapped this week. Financially, Marvel stands to do well from this movie.

Although there was an older deal in place, dating back prior to the company's bankruptcy, Arad said that at some point they had converted the deal with Universal. While the old deal allowed for Marvel to only enjoy profit participation in the movie, the new deal let's the company have gross participation. The participation on the first movie is capped, while participation on sequels will not be capped.

Arad also said that they are negotiating for a Hulk animated TV series that will follow the movie.

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