Problems with the CGI Hulk

Tuesday, August 13 2002

Posted on Coming Attractions

The following was posted on on Coming Attractions:

August 13, 2002... When you stop to think about it, it is kind of strange that we haven't seen anything about what the design for Ang Lee's Hulk is going to look like. While comic fans wait and hope for perhaps a glimpse of the green goliath in a second trailer, one of our scoopers says he knows the reason why we haven't seen one shot of the Hulk. If he's telling us the truth, it could be a big problem for the production.

"Want to know why there hasn't been any pictures released of the Hulk? I was buying makeup for a short comedy I'm doing parodying the Hulk when the guy checking out the makeup mentioned his friend is working at ILM on the Hulk. The reason that there hasn't been any pictures released of the Hulk is because they've been through at least seven different drafts of what the Hulk should look like and nobody is happy with any of them. So as a result it looks like the Hulk movie is most likely going to be delayed."

Although this should be treated as a rumor, it does not necessarily contradict what Ang said at the Comic-Con: "The intelligence they've put, the state we've seen him in is pretty incredible, but we have still yet to bring him to life. I think it's going to be real exciting." Although I would not mind a delay if it meant a better looking Hulk, I doubt that they will miss the release date. A lot was put into grabbing that date first, even to the point of scaring away Charlie's Angels 2 from that date. They still have over 10 months to complete the effects. If they take all of that time, then it will be an awesome Hulk!

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