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Wednesday, September 11 2002

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The following excerpt originally appeared on Thanks to 'Nivek' for the heads up.

Nick Nunziata: Can you say anything about The Hulk?

Josh Lucas: Yeah, Hulk was the greatest experience I've ever had making a movie, period. BECAUSE of Ang Lee. Nothing comes close. I hope to God I have another experience like that in my career. The man is truly... a genius and I've never used that word about a single person in this business 'cause I think it's a word... Genius is Picasso and Beethoven. People throw the word... "He's a genius, he's a genius, he's a genius...". Ang IS a genius and what it is, is this ethereal ability to take creative ideas and place them on people that's so gentle and lovely that they feel they came up with it themselves when in reality it's completely him. He's magical that way. He's the most vulnerable man I've ever met and the most confident, and those two things NEVER go together. He's a lovely, lovely human being and you sit there and are awed by it on a daily basis. You know you're making this huge 150 million dollar summer action film and you have this beautiful, artistic director making the choices.

The thing about the movie is that it's a meditation on rage and repression, it's not just a comic book summer movie. It's The Ice Storm of comic books. He's making a movie that's totally different from anything you've ever seen. And I'm the bad guy (Talbot). I've seen it (the CGI Hulk). You will never see anything like it. Remember when you first saw Jurassic Park? You were like "Oh my God." This technology is TEN years beyond that now and it's something that's never been put on film, and they have an extraordinary challenge because they have a director who's not going to let one moment go by that doesn't seem you're actually watching a beast. You're watching it and... there's a green monster right there. Most of my stuff is with him, and the stuff they did in Spider-Man... this is an evolution of that BY FAR.

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