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Hurd Talks HULK

Monday, December 31 2001

Producer carefully talks about coming comic book film.


Bana was TV Hulk Fan

Thursday, December 27 2001

Eric Bana talks about his upcoming role.


The Stars Line Up for Hulk Feature Film

Thursday, December 20 2001

Sam Elliot and Nick Nolte join the cast.

Hulk Release Date

Tuesday, December 18 2001

The Hulk to open against X2, The Matrix Reloaded and T3: The Rise of the Machines.


Universal Pictures Press Release

Monday, December 17 2001

The Hulk to open June 20th, 2003.


More Hulk Talk

Friday, December 14 2001

Hulk to appear in second half of the movie.


Connelly Embraces The Hulk

Monday December 10 2001

Jennifer Connelly discusses why she took the role.


Hulk Dogs?

Wednesday, December 5 2001

Dogs to appear in Hulk Film?


John Williams to Score The Hulk

Friday, November 30 2001

John Williams talks about his involvement with The Hulk.


Hulk's Troubles Revealed

Saturday, December 1 2002

Hulk on the run after an accident with a child.


Jennifer Connelly Cast as Betty Ross

Monday, November 26 2001

Jennifer Connelly to play Betty Ross


Eric Bana on Hulk and Black Hole Down

Monday, November 26 2001

Bana talks about his role as Banner/Hulk.


Hayter Talks Hulk Movie

Thursday, November 8 2001

Hayter talks about his draft of The Hulk


Eric Bana Cast as Banner

Sunday, October 14 2001

Eric Bana cast as Bruce Banner


ILM to Make Magic for Hulk

Wednesday, October 10 2001

ILM to Make CGI Hulk


Ang Lee Talks Hulk

Friday, April 13 2001

Ang Lee talks about his ideas for the Hulk movie.


Ang Lee to Direct The Hulk

Friday, January 12, 2001

Ang Lee signs on to direct The Hulk.


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