December 2003 Archive Updates

Sunday, December 28 2003

The Multimedia, Links and FAQ sections have all been updated.


New Hulk Comic Book Based on the Movie/Video Game

Saturday, December 27 2003

Marvel has released two new Hulk titles based on the movie/video game.


New Marvel Manga Twist-Ems From ToyBiz

Thursday, December 25 2003

The initial six figure assortment to include the Hulk.


Hulk Comic Solicitations for March 2004

Thursday, December 25 2003

The Hulk will ship with 2 issues in March.


Stan Lee Reflects on the Hulk DVD

Thursday, December 25 2003 has an interview with Stan Lee discussing The Hulk and possible sequels.


Hulk a Candidate for Best Visual Effects Oscar

Thursday, December 25 2003

The Hulk and 6 other films will compete for the coveted Academy Award.


New Dynamic Forces Keown Inspired Hulk Diorama

Thursday, December 4 2003

Dynamic Forces unveils its new Incredible Hulk Diorama.


The Hulk Smashes onto Pay-Per-View Next Week

Thursday, December 4 2003

The Hulk premieres on Pay-Per-View on December 12th.


Hulk Comics Solicitations for February 2004

Thursday, December 4 2003

The Hulk smashes into February with 3 comics.


The Incredible Hulk 64 Preview

Thursday, December 4 2003

Click to read a four page preview of The Incredible Hulk #64.


Kevin Feige Talks More About Hulk 2

Thursday, December 4 2003

Click to read a Wizard interview with Kevin Feige on

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